Welcome to CREDAI NCR
Manoj Gaur

Mr. Manoj Gaur


MD, Gaursons India Limited

Ajay Singal

Mr. Ajay Singal

Vice President

Director, Avalon Group

Gautam Bhalla

Mr. Gautam Bhalla

Vice President

MD, Vatika Limited

Manish Agarwal

Mr. Manish Agarwal

Vice President

MD, Satya Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Goyal

Mr. Rajesh Goyal

Vice President

MD, RG Group

Rakesh Chand Gupta

Mr. Rakesh Chand Gupta

Vice President

MD, RPS Infrastructure Limited

Pankaj Goel

Mr. Pankaj Goel

Hon. Secretary

Director, Express Builders Limited

Gaurav Gupta

Mr. Gaurav Gupta

Hon. Joint Secretary

Director, SG Estates Limited

Prashant Solomon

Mr. Prashant Solomon

Hon. Treasurer

MD, Chintels India Limited


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