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Maharashtra reserves 80% of jobs in SEZs for locals

19th November, 2008

The Hindu Business Line

Maharashtra reserves 80% of jobs in SEZs for locals
The Hindu Business Line
Our Bureau
Mumbai, Nov. 19 Companies planning to set up businesses in the 140 upcoming SEZs in Maharashtra will have to reserve 80 per cent of their jobs for residents in the State, according to Mr Ashok Chavan, Minister for Industries, Maharashtra Government.
Talking to media persons at the Secretariat on Tuesday, Mr Chavan said that the State Government has issued a Government Resolution (GR) to this effect.
It defines a person staying in the State for 15 years as a resident. The GR is applicable to all enterprises in the State. A committee at the district level has been formed under the District Collector for implementing the GR and monitoring employment in the various enterprises, he said.
The Collector will report to the Industries Development Commissioner for better enforcement of the GR. Out of the total reserved employment for locals, 50 per cent of the recruitment will have to be for supervisory positions.
Sixth GR
Mr Chavan said that the Government had taken the decision about job reservation way back in 1968. This is the sixth GR since 1968. Companies which have entered into a memorandum of understanding with the State Government for setting up units in the State and have availed themselves of the various fiscal incentives will have to abide by the GR, he said. “We want to implement this GR more methodically and have devised a monitoring structure for the implementation. We don’t intend to police or harass the companies. We want companies to voluntarily abide by this,” Mr Chavan said.
Supervisory role
According to the figures available at the Industries Development Commission Office, Maharashtra has 1.59 lakh micro, small and medium enterprises which employ 10.86 lakh people. Domiciles constitute per cent of the total non-supervisory jobs and in supervisory jobs, it is 96 per cent. The State has 3,435 large enterprises in which the domiciles constitute 88 per cent in supervisory role and 88 per cent in non-supervisory role.
All data relating to employment would be available online in two months, Mr Chavan said.


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